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Development Rights/Cost Seg Audit/Hedge Fund/ Bankruptcy/Partner Buyout


Development Rights

Entertainment firm need the value of development rights embodied in five books. Valuation conducted to establish purchase price for theatrical film rights, which included all foreign and domestic platforms (e.g. Video on Demand and merchandizing).

Cost Segregation Audit

Provided cost segregation service for many stores owned by a major retailer. IRS audited our work. We attended an on-site meeting with the client, IRS and accounting firm. The result was a no change letter from the IRS.

Hedge Fund

Valued a hedge fund that invests in equity of existing companies and oil and gas interests. Each capital investment was analyzed. In addition, we valued carried interests of the general partners in the fund.


Post production film company was in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. We valued the business and numerous assets (including equipment and customers) to support a plan of confirmation. Client has now emerged from bankruptcy with same management and similar ownership.

Partner Buyout

As part of a buyout of a one-third partner interest, we conducted a thorough analysis of business value. In spite of the contentious nature of the matter, we counseled all three partners through the valuation process, including the factors leading to discounting the 33% shareholder's equity.