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Periodically, we perform business and IP valuations in countries outside the U.S. In conjunction with this work, we have developed relations with professionals in various locales, which further enhances our capability to understand the underlying economy.

We understand the factors that are most germain to a particular locale, such as:

  1. Tax rates and how they apply.
  2. The cost of capital.
  3. IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standards for balance sheets and income statements.
  4. Country risk applied to the discount rate, in addition to specific business and economic risks.
  5. Currency conversion rates, and whether to use a spot rate or yearly average.
  6. Use of international transfer pricing.
  7. Determining the impact of IP.
  8. Distribution channels unique to the country.
  9. What constitutes cost of goods sold (COGS) and calculations of profit margins.
  10. Tax deferral techniques.